And so it begins...

Today is January 17th 2011, and I, Audrey Rey, am starting to "officially" document my garden, and the wilderness around me! In return, sharing it with you! I'm sure many other "non plantsy"/ nature things will slip into this blog.
I am a Make-up Artist by day, and a raver by night...HAH! ... well maybe an ex raver these a days.
My spare time now is dedicated to taking photos and a gardening love affair with
drought tolerant species. It was a matter of time the two collided!

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Bouquet that keeps on Giving!

 First came love then came marriage.....
 How it all started 6-7 months ago. I planted clippings in two large barrel planters and enjoyed watching them grow over the summer into the fall!
Soon It was time to cut and create! A bowl of Echeverias: Perle Von Nurnberg, Sunsets, Black Knight, Lola, Jewels, Mexican Giant,!

 Let the wiring begin! everything was tied together with a strip of my grandmother's wedding dress!

 The number one reason why I wanted to grow and make my own bouquet besides the single reason of satisfaction was to be able to replant and watch my little baby succulents keep growing! Now I have a memento in my garden to remember our special day forever!


Monday, August 22, 2011

My summer has been bloomin, thank you very much!

Unusual Cactus and Succulent Blooms in the garden...
All the Echeveria's are blooming gorgeous bright pink and neon yellow blooms. 

This no named Echeveria changed colors when I moved him in the shady front porch succulent bed. This bloom took 2 months exactly to bloom. Gorgeous ruby red flowers with bright yellow centers!

This is up close evidence of the aphid infestation...  Killed my super cool palmy grass bloom!

 Beautiful orchid like succulent blooms...wish I knew the name! Coordinating nail polish to boot!
Campfire Bloomin'!

Uncle Mike's Cactus Garden!! My Uncle Ruben and Uncle Mike have pretty much started my cactus/succulent collection for me! It started over 3 years ago at Vasquez Beach (my aunt and uncles back yard pool/garden). Every family gathering he would send me home with a clipping of something...
Last weekend my other uncle Mike sent me home with a car full of cacti! The garden looks BEAUTIFUL!

Are you blooming or just happy to see me...

My most bloomin' birthday cake made by my friend Moon! Sugar sculpted cacti and succulents! Even prickly pear puree! NOM! (the rocks even tasted like M&M's)

Speaking of birthdays and Uncles. Above is an awesome shot texted to me by my Aunt of my Uncles garden on the morning of my birthday! His summer has been bloomin' too!

 Filling the back yard area outside our bedroom with succulents galore. My plan is to snip all these guys in two months for the wedding centerpieces, bouquets, etc! ...I've spent countless hours turning my hobby into wedding decor! Summer has been sweet!

Whiskey barrel farm!

 Bouquet Succulent Farm!
 The back yard is finally a lush oasis of gorgeous drought tolerant beauties!

We have lots of critters enjoying the view...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sylvester the Shroom

Sylvester, a name given to him by Moe and and I ....because this is no ordinary mushroom. He was a sophisticated, old soul of a shroom. I documented his short, but hearty life. He popped up over night in one of my cactus planters. And never stopped growing over the next 4 days! It was really humid and gloomy last week. Ive had mushrooms pop up here and there in this area of the garden...but never like this guy! I finally let him go after he deflated on the fifth morning and started pushing my cactus over. I thought this cactus was dead before it started to spring leaves...but a massive shroom? Bizarre!


Friday, June 3, 2011

Echeveria Wonderland

Summer is almost here! And the garden is shining with the blooming echeveria succulents! I love the different hues of green and grey mixed with blues, pinks and purples!

Front Porch Line up: "Blue Rose", "Mexican Giant", and baby" Perle Von Nurnburgs"

 "Blue Rose" bloomin' and sprouting youngins'!

 A shrubby fuzzy echeveria named "Ruby".
 My prized "Black Prince" (top) and "Black Knight" (bottom)
 "Topsy Turvy" (there's 4 of them!)
 I thought she was a goner when her long leafy petals shed, a month later babies are born!

 More babies!!
 I'm not sure but I believe this beauty is called "Joan Daniel" or a "Red Edge"...I will see once she blooms. Whatever she is, she's a beaut!