And so it begins...

Today is January 17th 2011, and I, Audrey Rey, am starting to "officially" document my garden, and the wilderness around me! In return, sharing it with you! I'm sure many other "non plantsy"/ nature things will slip into this blog.
I am a Make-up Artist by day, and a raver by night...HAH! ... well maybe an ex raver these a days.
My spare time now is dedicated to taking photos and a gardening love affair with
drought tolerant species. It was a matter of time the two collided!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's beginning to look alot like Spring Time!

Everybody is starting to bloom! I've had so much excitement in Rey Gardens over the week! Definitely a Spring Pre-Party!

1. Aloe birthing twins 2. Dragon's Blood magenta blossoms 3. Lady, Miss Bug if your nasty!

I literally gasp for joy for this blossom! My neighbors must get a kick out of me... Well at least the  hummingbirds can share my glory, they have been waiting for the soon to be orchid like bell blossoms, for months!
First time my Cassula has bloomed!
AND my Prickly Pear! I'm desperately waiting for her to bloom, as well as all the others in the garden...stay tuned!
I love that the sun sets past 7 now!

Campfire Succulent. Love these colors!

Since it was such a beautiful day! (and the full moon is in leo) ...I'm feeling a little extra crafty! I found this awesome table in a thrift store for $11.  A few coats of chrome paint! Viola!
The back Aloe is also blooming! <3

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yo Yo Aeonimus!

  My first Aeonium was given to me by my Uncle Ruben last April of 2010.  He gave me about 3 melting branches, broken off from his. :) Deep purple with bright green eyes! I had no idea the admiration that was about to grow for this beautiful species! Botton Picture: Same plant! Taken almost one year later. March 2011.
The bottom picture was taken the first day I started my blog. 1/17/2010.  The colors in the 2 kinds of Aeoniums are so faded after the cold months. As of last week, only a month and a half later, both plants are becoming deeper shades of eggplant!

This Aeonium was bought from a nursery in July 2010. 'Catlin Hybrid' was the label. Some research on the Internet shows tons of potential breeds it can be from Voodoo to Zwartkop to Garnet...etc. But 8 month later she is longer and has deepened to a black cherry! I've seen so many mature versions of this breed around sprouting gorgeous yellow bell flowers that towers over the size of the plant. I long for my Aeoniums to bloom one day!

The Sultry Spawn has made many homes across the garden!

Front Door/ started with 3 small pieces from the 'Caitlin' and 1 small clipping from the other. This was taken this week She lacks the color of her sisters in the sunny side of the garden!
 Top and bottom are the same clipping with a 5 month difference!

 My "Blushing Beauty" Aeonium. I saved her from being kicked off her flower bed in Hancock Park.

 New to the garden: Sunburst Aeonium. I've been looking for a small one of these for a while! There was a perfect spot in my succulent bed for her! I adore her pink tips!