And so it begins...

Today is January 17th 2011, and I, Audrey Rey, am starting to "officially" document my garden, and the wilderness around me! In return, sharing it with you! I'm sure many other "non plantsy"/ nature things will slip into this blog.
I am a Make-up Artist by day, and a raver by night...HAH! ... well maybe an ex raver these a days.
My spare time now is dedicated to taking photos and a gardening love affair with
drought tolerant species. It was a matter of time the two collided!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Thank you from Rey Gardens!

Thank you to all my family, friends and The Happier Camper who came to support Rey Gardens yesterday! We had a wonderful day of eats and treats at my Dads Natural Fruit Factory! I enjoyed seeing everyone (especially one my Uncles who started my obsession with cacti/succulents) and happy loved ones made new homes to Rey Gardens creations!

Stand by for Rey Gardens next sale Saturday August 11th.

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