And so it begins...

Today is January 17th 2011, and I, Audrey Rey, am starting to "officially" document my garden, and the wilderness around me! In return, sharing it with you! I'm sure many other "non plantsy"/ nature things will slip into this blog.
I am a Make-up Artist by day, and a raver by night...HAH! ... well maybe an ex raver these a days.
My spare time now is dedicated to taking photos and a gardening love affair with
drought tolerant species. It was a matter of time the two collided!

Monday, February 7, 2011

"Jim wanders The Heights"

 For years I've wondered who this wandering man was. He walks about a 3 mile radius loop up and down the steep streets of my hood. He's a sad looking man. Middle aged Asian , who's head is always slumped down.
His hair and beard go from months overgrown to cleanly cut. I notice he wears the same clothes until they are ratty and falling apart. I used to cheer when I saw him spruced up with a new ensemble and hat!

We share the same schedule. We both are quite punctual people. We've run into each other at the same points in the small basin of HH on many occasions.

...Ok, so some may say I am stalking this man... but it was just coincidence I ran into him again and again  the day  documenting the landscape of my home town... Or was it? ;)
For the first time we exchanged glances at the Tea Station and then again  at the stop light with camera at bay (this month).
An hour after the encounter I talked to a friend (and long time resident), about him and showed the picture. To my surprise he knows the man!!  Informs me his name is Jim, a Navy Vet who has roamed the streets of this small town for years!
"Jim the bum is a real nice guy, kinda crazy tho. His wife left him after he retired from the Navy and went insane. He has a house but little money and uses what he has for beer"
 I was instantly satisfied to learn his name, and a back story of this mystery man, I've used as a mental note time keeper for so long! This is an Ode to you ol' Jim ol' buddy ol' pal!
Stimson and Haliburton 10:45 am

 Haliburton approaching Colima about 11am. (If I see him here I know I'm late for work!)

Colima approaching Azusa about 11:30 am. On my day off I ran into him at the Tea Station about 12:30. He just sat there with his head down in his hands. I snapped his pic with my phone, lurking in the tea merchandise, waiting for a large Lavender Tea beauty elixir!

Colima and Hacienda Blvd 1:35 pm. Jim loops around and continues towards Haliburton... again.

The earliest I've caught Jim wandering his route was on Lugon and Stimson about 10:30. Caught on my phone. My friend said he see's him down as far as Gale...

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