And so it begins...

Today is January 17th 2011, and I, Audrey Rey, am starting to "officially" document my garden, and the wilderness around me! In return, sharing it with you! I'm sure many other "non plantsy"/ nature things will slip into this blog.
I am a Make-up Artist by day, and a raver by night...HAH! ... well maybe an ex raver these a days.
My spare time now is dedicated to taking photos and a gardening love affair with
drought tolerant species. It was a matter of time the two collided!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Turnbull Canyon - Febuary 14th 2011. Moerey / Valentine's addition

 Moerey + 8 years! We celebrated our Anniversary and Valentine's with a nice hike in Turnbull canyon on the Hacienda Heights side. Surprisingly hazy out for a breezy day.

Hsi Lai Temple

 Cherry Blossoms blooming early. Top was taken yesterday 2/14/11. Bottom was taken last March of 2010.

 Sweet Bush also blooming early. The second picture was taken last April 2010.

 Mountains have a smidgen of snow left. It will be white soon, after this weeks rain.

 The canyon had a huge haircut recently. Usually this path has grass taller then you!

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